"It's time to become revolutionary, serve a purpose before God decides his best option is to return us to dust - Jar ThePoet


choose your favorite novel or book of poetry. Randomly turn to a page in the book and fold the page in half towards the spine of the book. You should now be able to see the beginning of sentences/lines on one page, and the endings of sentences/lines on another page. Now here is where the fun begins! A sonnet, in all minimal terms, is made up of 14 lines. Choose 14 of the broken sentences/lines in front of you to create a found poem. There are a few rules though, read carefully:

Do NOT force it to make sense.

Do NOT unfold your page to see the real sentence/line

Choose a page that you are unfamiliar with so that you are not tempted to follow the preset subject matter.

Lastly, have fun. Quarky lines are a good thing. This is an opportunity for you to create imagery that you never would have thought of on your own.

Once your poem is done, label it poem a day poem #1 and you are on your way to 30 poems for the month of April! Be sure to put in a foot note so that you remember where the poems lines were generated from.


Poem a day assignment 1 – Found sonnet

Courtesy of http://DetroitWitness.tumblr.com 

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